Misc Unsigned Bands - Symphonic Haze - Gw tab

Song - Ol' GW
Composer - Dan Hess
As appears on - The Volunteers - Saturday Morning Orkestraw
Transcribed by - McD

So yeah, the other tab was pretty bad, and the pattern wasn't in the same galaxy as 
and there's no Em7 in the entire song, so I felt it was my duty to provide a correct tab.  Enjoy

Pattern 1, * = pick-up note * Bm D A|---------------------0-2-0----------------------------------||---------3---------3-------------2---3---5---3---2----------||-------4---4-----2-------------2---------------------2------||-----4-------4-0-------------2------------------------------||-0-2-----------------------0-------0---0---0---0---0---0----||------------------------------------------------------------|
Bm D A Well, I climbed the highest mountain in the hills that I could find Bm D A There I met an old man with a nation on his mind Bm D A He said "son, you wouldn't know it, but this country's up a creek" Bm D A And I just sat and listened as the wise old man did speak Chorus: Bm G D A Asus4 A Bm G D A Asus4 A Let's send our future overseas to die in foreign lands Bm G D A Asus4 A The purple mountains waste away as we hold out our hands Bm G D A Asus4 A Mother nature never stopped to cry out in her pain Bm G D A But when the factories tore out her heart, she wept in acid rain Pattern 1 Bm D A Well, I thanked the old man for his news and travelled on my way Bm D A I rambled down to Washington, head full of things to say Bm D A I stopped in at the White House, where the man makes his foul bed Bm D A And I said "I got something to tell you, man", and this is how it read Chorus: Bm G D A Asus4 A Bm G D A Asus4 A Let's brew a pot of Texas tea steeped in crafty lies Bm G D A Asus4 A While our former cause for liberty will lead to our demise Bm G D A Asus4 A War is all we've ever known, and greed is what it bred Bm G D A Asus4 A But keep your fingers on your triggers, boys, your brain's not all that's Bm Dead Keep repeating chorus progression, then pattern 1, listen to the ending, it's the same you SHOULD be able to figure it out
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