Misc Unsigned Bands - Out Of Order - Third Elevation tab

This is Out of Order First Up Comin Single

Guitar 1: Luke phelan
Guitar 2: Dane Rendell
Bass: Jono Van der Veen
Drums: Tim Carrison

x= Scratch

Intro : Guitar 1-----------------------------------------------|-----------------------------------------------|---------------------------0-------------------| (x2)---------------------------0-------------------|000000030030035------------0-------------------|------------00000000300300---------------------|
Then Guitar 2 Comes in-----------------------------------------------|-----------------------------------------------|----------------------------------------0------| (x2)--------------5xx5xx55------------------0------|7777--77777777-3xx3xx33-22222222-5xx5xx-0------|5555--55555555----------00000000-3xx3xx--------|
The verses Are The Same As Guiatr 2's Intro Havent Figured Out Solo Yet Have fun !!!!!
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