Misc Unsigned Bands - The Harlots - Stop tab

Great band from Canada.  My first tab, couldn't find one for this song anywhere so I
it myself (you can hear it here http://www.theharlots.com/multimedia.html).  It's all
and there's clearly 2 guitars, but I think this single guitar tab covers it fairly well. 
I've only been playing for 2 years, so feel free to improve any errors.

B and E are actually B minor and E minor.

Strumming is kind of hard to explain/do, you need to listen to the song. D G Have your crazies gone to sleep D Who's in there anyway G A kaleidoscope of ghosts D Who s in there, I m afraid G Search the sky for blue D It's medicated grey G Should I be concerned A G If you want to leave CHORUS: B I won t stop you now A B G I won t stop you now B I won t stop you now A B I won t stop you now INTRO again. D G I decide to dig the graves D Reconcile mistakes G There s loneliness in most D It occupies the slaves G Search the sky for you D Inebriated haze G Meandering your move A G Do you want to leave CHORUSx2
E:------------------| E:------------------| E:------------------|B:------------------| B:------------------| B:------------------|G:------------------| G:------------------| G:------------------|D:------7--5--7--5--|x5 D:------7--5--7--5--|x8 D:------7--5--7--5--|x7A:---5--------------| A:---5--------------| A:---5--------------|E:------------------| E:------------------| E:------------------| Who s in there anyway x3 Who's in there anyway x3
G Who's in there I'm afraid CHORUSx4 OUTRO: G B A G E A B A G E A B A G E A
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