Misc Unsigned Bands - Stick - Stick Hits Rockbottom tab

Rather a stupid song based on the troubled and lonely life of a stick. It is found on 
MySpace which was created by Nestle:


It is a beautiful song nonetheless so I thought I'd tab it out for anyone who wishes to 

C            G
Can't you see?
C	             G
Stick hoped to win a Wii

D                C
But it wasn't to be
C                      G
Now he's livin' in misery

C                  G
Stick just can't win
C           G
No next of kin

D          C
He has no legs
C             G
Not even a shin

D                       C
I guess sometimes you loose
D                     C
Imagine bein' in his shoes

D                   C
It's hard not to be bitter
C                        D
When you're treated like litter


G                        C
It's the sad emotion of a
A lost promotion

G                   C
The sad emotion of a
A lost promotion

G                        C
Oh all he does is fail
It is a sad sad tale

Of a lonely piece of lumber
And the promotion

G                        C
With a long, long, long, long.
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