Misc Unsigned Bands - Firstclass Failures - Me Without You tab

Im not sure if this is correct i heard this song on myspace and fell in love with it 

Intro: G,C,G,Em,D

Verse Is The same as Intro 

G            c
I dont Know, Wear to go,

G                Em
all i know is im lost,
Without you.
G                 C
Laughters gone,  Try to move on
Em           C       D
But my heart wont let go---

Hook ( same as verse (different strumming pattern)
G         C          G                            Em     D
I forgot Who i am , When your around it all comes back again
G                    C
The Memories, and laughter to
G                         Em        D
it all comes back when i think of me with you 

Thats pretty much it reapeat for each verse
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