Misc Unsigned Bands - Not It Yeah - You Can Trust Me tab

Capo 5TH


e----3--3--3-3--3--3-3--3--3-3-------------|B-----3--3----3--3----3--3----3------------|G------0--0----0--0----0--0----2-2 Repeat--| x2D------------------------------------------|A-----------3-------2----------------------|E---3-----------------------2--------------|
Intro Chords (Play on the second repeat) G, C, Em, D/F#, Em, C, G, D/F# Verse 1 Em C G D/F# I walked alone with no one beside me Em C G D/F# But you were there always to guide me Verse 2 Em C G D/F# My heart was closed to you who love me Em C G D/F# Then HE came along and said "You can trust me." Chorus x2 G C Em D/F# You saved me form who I was G C Em D/F# And You made me believe again INTERLUDE (SAME AS THE INTRO, PLAY 2X BUT THE SECOND TIME GUITAR 2 PLAYS THE INTRO CHORDS) Verse 1 & 2 Chorus x2 (The second time play softer) Interlude (Play only once) End on (G)
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