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This is the famous bar song for the competitors when finished the Shetland race...
It basically go like the "Wild rover", but I prefer this song... oíhoy sailors! Enjoy!


Human beings - Shetland race 
    (wild rover cover)

 G                                  C
I am a young lad, and Iím happy to say
 G                  D                     G     
That for women and love Iíve get carried away
But I am also a guy who must sadly admit
G                     D                    G
that for sailing my body, have never been fit

          D         D7
And it's no, nay, never (clap-clap-clap-clap)
G                 C
No, nay, never, again
      G            C
If I go back to Shetland
  G         D   G
I go back, by train

(Verse 2)

Well, I met an old friend, and he asked me to spend
Some days on his yacht, as the captains right hand
He promise me heaven, and he rang the ship bell
I soon was to learn, that his heaven was hell


Well to the captain on board, I shell never complain
thanks to him we sailed near to Shetland than Spain
he yelled, when we had the Frigg oil field in sight


Well if you wonder why, Iím singing this song
just open your ears, so you won't have it wrong
the beer and the women are no good in Spain
itís much better ruff on the island of rain

(chorus x2)


If you want the mp3 song I can share it... 
There are no copyrights on this song so you can
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if you got messenger I be glad to share it with you!

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