Misc Unsigned Bands - Y O U - Not A Dove tab

"Not A Dove"
Everything is Shifting EP
tabbed by o8jedi

This is intended only for personal study, research, and use.  This is not intended to be 
official, accurate diagram of the chord progression for this song.

4/4.  Each chord is one measure unless grouped (i.e. |D Dmaj7|).  Chords at their 
cue lyrics.  For exact cues, listen to the song.

[N/C]       G      D               G        G7
She's not a dove.  She's found her peace.
        C           A             |D       Dmaj7| D7
Nothing holds her.  She can't be released.
G                   G7              C                       A
If she ever had a regret, she never showed it, at least not yet.
    G             B7          Em    Cm(hold)
She never found a reason to return.

            G                 D            G             G7
She doesn't make much sense.  She's always on the fence.
         C          A                 |D         
Balanced in between the tales that she can't see.
    G                    G7            C                   A
She scribbles rights and wrongs on the sidewalk in colored chalk
    G             B7                   Em           Cm(hold)
And every time it rains, she's washed away to start again.

Harmonica solo:
Am D Am D
Am D Am D
G G7 C A
G B7 Em

            G    D       G      G7
She's not a dove after a flood.
            C           A         |D    Dmaj7| D7
She's not a silver moon the sun forgot.
G                G7                 C                       A
Everything she's known is trying to hurt her, except being alone.
G              B7                    Em
So she figures that's how she should stay.

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