Misc Unsigned Bands - The 69ers - Guys Who Wear Masks tab

Guys Who Wear Masks
The 69ers

Tabbed by: rockadio
Email: haveabamday2@yahoo.com

Tuning: does not matter

e|--------------------------------------------------------------------------|B|--------------------------------------------------------------------------|G|--------------------------------------------------------------------------|D|--------------------------------------------------------------------------|A|-5--5-5--7--7-7--5--5-5--7--7-7--11-11-11-5--5-5-x2-5--5-5--7-let ring----|E|-3--3-3--5--5-5--3--3-3--5--5-5--9--9--9--3--3-3----3--3-3--5-------------|
this is played during the whole song you probably haven't heard of this song or this band, but it was a band me and my had a few months ago enjoy!
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