Misc Unsigned Bands - Evandalist - Crying For Help tab

Crying for help   (capo: 3)

Verse 1
Three days ago, I was starring at the stars with 
my friends
Every night, I was watching a city light 
down town

Pre Chorus
But now Iím here 
     D                                  C
thinking I am a sleep, but actually awake
I hate this place, 
         C                       C
take me away, I want to be with you

G                    D
I looooooove you 
D                                        C
I am crying for help in this place
G                   D
I neeeeeeeed you
D                           C
Please donít leave my X2    X2 (end on G)

Verse 2
(C and G picking)
Love you forever
Love you now 
Praise you forever
Praise you now

I prayed that prayer
I sang that song
But I still lay here
Wondering what to do

Pre chorus 2

I just love to go away 
D                                 G
Hopefully never come back
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