Misc Unsigned Bands - Tommy Marshalls Ambassadors- Wonders Of Mexico tab

Capo 3rd fret

Intro- C* C x2

C* C Em x2

Verse 1
C Am Em x2

C                     Am                   Em        C                     Am             Em
Walking on the boulevard of mexico, strolling on the boulevard again

C	Am               Em           C               Am      Em            
The sun is always shining the sky is blue, this is the life for me and you
G                      D           Em              	G                      Dsus4   Em
Sipping on the buds, and drinking shampagne, dreaming of the life that we could 

                   C                                                Em 
never hate, we could never hate even if we try

C*               C                    Em
Ahhhhhhh ahhhhhhh ahh ahhhhhhhh x2

Verse 2
C                        Am     Em 
Waking up with lola flowers in her hair

C                      Am                 Em
Sitting on the clifftop, theres seagulls in the air

C                                 Am                       Em
The sun is once again shining while the sky is blue

C               Am      Em
This is the life in mexico for you


Verse 3
C                              Am                             Em              
I sit on the beach of mexico, watching the sun settting

C                                   Am       Em   
The waves are always crashing off the wall

C                  Am               Em
But still the surfers stand good n tall

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