Misc Unsigned Bands - Involution - Queen Of Tarts tab

Queen of Tarts

G         F#/G          Em      D
Everybody loves you but maybe I donít
     C                          Em      D
They all take a piece of you but baby I wont
G              F#/G          Em          D
People that you look at you give them a smile
     C                      Em          D
You laugh to establish it will take a while

[same as Verse 1]
Wait, anticipate and donít be hasty
Even though youíll probably turn out to hate me
I donít care honey if this seems brash
I felt itís the way to get you back
Felt itís the way to get back at you

G  F#/G  Em  D  C  Em  D

[same as verse 1]
Maybe Iím crazy or maybe Iím smart
But life seems dark for the queen of tarts
What you did and what you said it made us think
That sometimes you can push people over the brink

[same as verse 1]
I donít care if you wanted something else
But donít say it out loud, thatís common sense
Now I donít know what to say
Cos even though I hate seeing you this way
I hate seeing anyone this way

G  F#/G  Em  D  C  Em  D
G  F#/G  Em  D  C  Em  D..Eb

[Rhythm guitar plays chords. Lead guitar plays Riff (below)]

Em       D              C                             D
Itís not easy when you talk to me it makes me want to sigh
Em         D                 C                            D
Itís been ages but I still laughed at you when you went to cry.
Em     B
For an hour I sat
Em                B Bsus4 B
Smiling like a Cheshire cat
Em                 B           Bb   
Whoís more foolish me or you?
A                 Bb
Keep it in, donít ask for something new.

[same as verse 1]
Everybody envies you but maybe I donít
You give them a piece of you but baby I wonít.
The way they talk the way they smile itís oh so pretty
Darling I canít wait to get out of this city.

End on G.


e-7---7---7---7---7---7---7---|B---8---8---8---8---8---8---8-|G-----------------------------|X 6D-----------------------------|A-----------------------------|E-----------------------------|
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