Misc Unsigned Bands - In Motion - Totally Gone tab

                         TOTALLY GONE

C                                               G
My feelings are twisted, cant understand what i mean to you.
          A                   F                     E                        
Cant you see it, everytime i look at you. I wanna belive it
C                                    G
My head is somewhere, somewhere that i cant find
           A                      F                E
Wont you belive it,  whenever i talk to you. Im feeling blue.

F            G       C                     Am
     Totally gone.  Just like my head are blasted,
F            G     A
     Totally gone away
F            G       C               Am               
     Totally gone. Every day of the week 
F            G          A
     Totally goneaway. To day.

C                                        G
My hope is fading, just like everything els round here
         A                          F                     E
Are you happy? That my life is going one way.  And thats down.
C                                               G
I know its a long way up, but you just wait ill get there
     A                               F                  E
Be amased, you never thought i would get so far. Well i did.

F-G-C-Am x2


Hm          F# 
However you see it
G                Cm
thats the way i feel it
D                 G
I want you in my arms

Ref i G x2
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