Misc Unsigned Bands – Along These Lights - My Reason To Be Alive tab

This Is Actually My Band's Song But I Added It So The Rest Of The Band Can Look At The 
Anytime They Want.

you can listen to the song at myspace.com/alongtheselights

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(Figure Out Strumming For Everything)

Guitar 1:(Same Through Whole Song)e|-------3-|B|-------3-|G|-5-----2-|D|-5-5-2---|A|-3-5-2---|E|---3-----|
Lyrics: (1st Verse) So Lately I've Been Missing You It Weighs Down On My Heart Like The Feeling I've Never Known But I Still Want The Feelings I Get When I Come Back To You (2nd Verse) And Isn't It Ironic How One Person Can Be Your Life But They Can Still Be Your Pain It Eats Away At Me (3rd Verse) And I Know When Your With Me And Under The Comfort Of My Arms The Warmth Can Com Back To You (4th Verse) Please Don't Break This Please Don't Break This I Give All My Heart To You (5th Verse) When You Say It You Say I Love You I Know It's Right I Know It's Right (Build Up) No One Could Make Me Feel This Way Even On A Terrible Day I Can Still Feel This Great And Your The One To Blame The One To Blame (6th Verse) Cause The Sudden Rush I Get When I Look Into Your Eyes It Gives Me One More Reason To Be Alive Your Beautiful Eyes (Solo) (7th Verse) Just Scream All Your Feelings Out Loud And I'll Scream Until My Lungs Get Sore We'll Share Another Movie Worthy Kiss And I Swear I'll Never Walk Out That Door (8th Verse) All I Really Know Is That I Want You Here With Me I Need You Next To Me With Soft Lungs Breathing And Your Strong Heart Beating So Then You'll Lift Up Your Head And Brush Your Lips Against Mine While Our Hearts Beat In Unison Just For A Time And Look Me In The Eyes And Say I Love You I Love You
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