Misc Unsigned Bands - Galway Hook - Last Night tab

Chords:  Am C G D


Am              C
I was born with a bottle
G             D
So what can I say
Am                     C
I've been drinking all night
G                      D
I've been drinking all day
Am                C
The cupboard is empty
G               D
The icebox is full
Am                  C
with attitude and drink
G                   D
I ain't taking no bull (sssssh...)


Shit we walked down to the grocery
to buy ourselves some beer
we didn't have any money
the problem was quite clear

The clerk was out back
taking inventory
we grabbed everything our hands could hold
and ran out into the street



Shit we stumbled all the way back home
we ran into some trim
ask if they wanted company
the outlook was quite grim

turns out the two girls were guys
more mistaken we could not be
one kicked Dick square in the shin
the other kicked the shit outta me



Shit we ended up in the infirmary
Dick's shins were both quite bruised
My eye was black, my ribs were broke
Our bodies were abused

The nurses came to check on us
I'm staring at their tits
Dick was looking up their skirts
They all threw hissy fits



Ejected from the hospital
We went looking for some snatch
Ended up back home alone, of course
and the goddamn door was latched

Rejected, dejected, our phones came out
No chick are answering our calls
We thought you'd all enjoy the tale
of last night with Dick and Paul
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