Misc Unsigned Bands - Nup Tkl - Dark Side Of Love tab

this is my band its a fun song to play but were not that good. enjoy!

Intro E|----0----0----0----0----0----0----2----2-| B|-----0----0----0----0----1----1----1----1| G|-----------------------------------------| D|-2-2--2-2--2-2--2-2--2-2--2-2--2-2--2-2--| A|-----------------------------------------| E|-----------------------------------------|
play with intro Ive been sitting so long chords (just the more rare ones) In the side of love that A sus2 |0 D 9(no 3rd)|0 Nobody knows |0 |1 Telling myself that |2 |2 Darkness lets go |x |0 Let the stars shine through |x |x This black drape |x |x That covers my face And strangles my hope D7 |2 D7 sus4 |3 Face the dark and |1 |1 Expect the worst |2 |2 Come back to me the |x |x Love I let go |x |x And filled with darkness |x |x Now I know On now i know you make an adjustment to this
pre-chorus A sus2 D 9(no 3rd) D7 D 9(no 3rd) A sus2 X3 A sus2 D 9(no 3rd) D7 D7 sus4 D D sus2 A D D sus2 G D D sus2 A Chorus D7 sus4 D A D The dark side of love is never ending G D A Filled with hate, lust, and envy D7 sus4 D A D The dark side of love crushes us all G D A Spinning us round till we fall dizzy D7 sus4 D A D The dark side of love is never ending G D A Fills our minds till we go crazy D7 sus4 D A D The dark side of love cripples the wall G D A That cries out darkness from its seam. play intro with second verse Slowly I stand Some power seems to Be holding me in Forcing me down and Bottling my sin Holding it in Ďtil The power within Forces it out on A close friend This goes to show that Chorus The third verse is like this
Send me to the Place Iím seeking Release me from This place Iím pleading Everything and everyone In here is seething Allow me to return to The Love I lost so long, so long ago Chorus play intro 4 times then play pre-chorus with these words Flood me, Flood me With tears black as coal No hope for life after tomorrow Send me away from this side of love Bring me back and fill me up Set me free from this place Let me go and set me straight From the power of dark so great Nothing seems to free me, free me please then play the first verse and the ending is the intro with a twist after playing the riff 4 times do this
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