Misc Unsigned Bands – Not It Yeah - Superman tab

It has a sort of Salsa Beat to it---I really enjoy playing it I hope that you do to---Chase T. ->(Ford Tempo)

Am Em C Em

Verse 1
Am            Em
Take a look behind theses eyes
    C                   Em
and see the man that is in disguise
        Am             Em
I'm not trying to hide how I feel
       C                        Em
I just got to be sure that this love is real

C(add) D E

     G              C(add)
I'll try to be your su-per-man-an
    D                 C(add) G
but I don't know if I ev-er  can

C(add) D E

Am Em C Em x1

Verse 2
        Am                      Em
I can't fly around the world to save your life
    C                      Em
but that doesn't mean that I can't try
        Am                       Em 
I would stop the sun if it would help you to see
    C                 Em
The man I was and the MAN YOUR LOVE MADE ME!!!

C(add) D E

Chorus X2

C(add) D E
C(add) D E
C(add) D
C(add) D
C(add) D E(let it ring for 4 counts) 

E then mute the sound
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