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This song is 60 years old. It was written in 1947 by Edin Ahbez, and has since been sung
some 50 famed singers, including Nat King Cole, Frank Sinatra, John Lequizamo (for the
Moulin Rouge!) and Leonard Nimoy. It has been played by many instruments, but listening 
a radio I overheard an unnamed musician playing this on the acoustic guitar. The song
from 1951.
I tabbed it out and here it is, as my band plays it, with little difference from the

MENTALITY Nature Boy Fm There was a boy A#m very strange Fm A#m enchanted boy Fm A#m they say he wandered very far Fm A5 A G very far over land and sea. C7 Fm A little shy and sad of eye D7 C7 but very wise was he. Fm A#m And then one day Fm F#m a magic day he passed my way Fm A#m and while we spoke of many things Fm A5 A G fools and kings, this he said to me.... C7 The greatest thing Fm you'll ever learn D7 G C7 Fm is just to love and be loved in return.
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