Misc Unsigned Bands - Defused - A Country In Ruins tab

	             A Country In Ruins - Defused

Tabbed by: -XM-

This is from Defused's second CD,The Virus Of Life. It's the latest single. I have 
altered some parts so it's easier to play.

The intro is cool to do with power chords,but this is how Defused plays it:

INTRO: (0:01 - 0:27)|---------------------||---------------------||---------------------||---------------------||3--5--6--3----3--5--6||---------------------|
While the super fast drums are being played just play the first note of the intro:
(0:28 - 0:33)|---------------------||---------------------||---------------------||---------------------||-----3---------------||---------------------|
Back to the intro riff:
(0:38 - 0:56)|---------------------||---------------------||---------------------||---------------------||3--5--6--3----3--5--6||---------------------|
Play the first note one more time:
MAIN RIFF (0:58 - 1:45)|---------------------||---------------------||---------------------||------------9--9-----||10-9----8--7--7--7---||-----2---------------|
Second part of the main riff:
(1:45 - 1:54) The main riff is still repeated but the intro riff is played in the background.
(1:55 - 2:00)|---------------------||---------------------||---------------------||12---------8---------||10---------6---------||---------------------|
(2:00 - 2:38) The main riff is played with the intro riff in the background. Michael has some weird effects added to some parts of the guitar part here,so you might to slightly bend some of the notes to give it "the feel":
(2:39 - 2:47)|---------------------||---------------------||---------------------||--------------5-5-5--||10---9---8----3-3-3--||---------------------|
(2:47 - 2:56) Drum Solo 1 The next part is the hardest part in the song:
(2:57 - 3:06)|---------------------||---------------------||---------------------||---------------------||10--4---12----5--5---||-------------3--3----|
(3:07 - 3:16) Drum Solo 2 (3:16 - 3:35) Play Intro Riff (3:36 - 3:45) Bass ends the song. ******************************************************* And there you have it. And awesome song from an awesome band! This song is really from the rest of Defused's stuff.
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