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Verse(/ means to slide)
Around the corner every turn This city is a blackened sun No light here ever shines The corner I take leads to another A never ending maze Full of struggles, anger, and never ending hate The city sits in darkness A shadow cast around Wanting so badly to harness The light beneath the ground The problem is that I do not know where to look Up and down all around Every corner every nook Everything here always looks the same Covered in darkness The light is impossible to tame chorus Bm One day ill find a way D To release the light, make it bright A And cast all the shadows away Bm Learn to be the hero Bm Who everyone wants to be D Bring light back to the city A After hundreds of years beneath Bm Learn to be the hero Bm Learn to save the day D From this city of shadows A The light has faded away Verse Trapped in the shadow of night Fearing forever the break of day Ill be the hero who brings the light And causes the darkness to fade away Step forward and take it on The battle for day The night fears the bright light That causes it to fade away A never ending struggle That plays through my mind This city of shadows is here Forever still in time At the last note bar the 4th fret and play a C# 9(no 3rd)chord about 15 times really fast Bridge D A D One day ill cast away the dark A Find whatís at heart D A And learn who I am D A Find the light D A Cast out the night D A find what I really am D A Turn away what you say D A The belief it cannot be D A There is always a way D A To rid the dark in this city Verse Em F#m Out of my mind Am G#m The city lays before me Em F#m You bring the light, that ends the night Am G#m Canít you ever see Em F#m The mind is a wonderful thing Am G#m To those who can tame it Em F#m And love is a bright light Am G#m For those who can find it Em F#m The city needs a touch of light Am G#m To penetrate the shadows Em F#m Giving the city hope Am G#m For life after tomorrow Strum the G#m about 15 times fast then play the chorus again outro
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