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Haste Killed Creativity

Song: Nowhere Not For Long

Guitatr tab


C X4 Am X4 F X2 C X1 G X1E------------ E------------ E----------- E------------- E-------------|B----------1- B---------1-- B--------1-- B-------1----- B-------3-----|G----0------- G---2-------- G---2------- G---0--------- G---0---------|D------------ D------------ D-3---3----- D------------- D-------------|A-3-----3---- A-0---0------ A----------- A-3---3------- A-2---2-------|E------------ E------------ E----------- E------------- E-------------|
verse: c Am f c g X2 chorus: Am f c -0- X2 -0- -0- -0- -2- -x- then all you do is play the same guitar parts as the progress in the song these are all parts in the song except the solo
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