Misc Unsigned Bands - Belavista Man - One And A Half Months tab

Tabbed By: Belavista Man
On: 18/08/07
E-mail: anthonybentley@hotmail.co.uk

Was I just an excuse to forget?
Or was I just a tool?
Am I just the face of regret?
               Em              G
Now (that) you played me for a fool?
I might be gullible or easy to tempt,
But I still have my pride at hand.
I lost everything that made me content
    Em         G
But now I understand;

ďAll that anyone really wants,
Is something to believe.Ē
For me, it was you and now you haunt
Every stupid nightmare and dream.
I lost that faith that I kept for so long,
And have shunned this bad religion.
These thoughts on my mind, now in a song,
Have broken my fear of deception.

And so I admit defeat, for once,
And run back my own self loathing,
Iíve taken the pain and all at once
The pain I feel, is nothing.


So, thanks for the memories and all that shit,
It was a time Iíll never forget.
But when Iím wide awake, my lamp still lit,
I wish I could forgetÖ

(Because) thereís no such thing as a world of ďloveĒ
Itís all just a global con.
The thing that drives us all, my love,
Is lust and Iím addicted, hun.
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