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Intro/outro       im not goin to put words in this time cause this is
                  really just for my memory but playin it is fun anyway

this progression is also part of the intro but when you see a * you dont strum that instead you just pluck one finger off to get it. Also there is a slight difference between of the G chords indicated w/ a ^ that will be in the chord list. you probly already know C A and ones like that so im only goin to give you the more unique ones cause it takes time than writing them all D D sus4 D* D sus2* A A6 A* C E m7#5 C* C maj7* G G^ G* Verse X10
e|-----2------0-------2------0---| A6 Em7#5-----------------| C maj7B|---3---3---2--2---3---3---2--2-| e|2 e|0 e|0-|G|-------------------------------| B|2 B|3 B|0-|D|----------------0-------2------| G|2 G|0 G|0-|A|-2-------0---------------------| D|2 D|2 D|2-|E|-------------------------------| A|x A|3 A|3-| E|x E|x E|x
Pre chorus X4 D add9 C F Am G G^ D add9 e|3 e|3 e|5 B|0 B|3 B|7 G|0 G|0 G|7 D|0 D|0 D|x Chorus A|2 A|2 A|x E|3 E|3 E|x D D sus4 A A6 C E m7#5 G G^
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