Misc Unsigned Bands - Bypolar - Butt Herpies Are A Privilege tab

this is a catchy little band i heard play in cookeville tn and i fell in love with the
sound and harsh lyrics steve rogers,"pork chop"ellis, and eric masterson are great
this song was played in drop d and the verse and chorus are easy i still haven't got the 
but ill keep working on it till yo get the whole song

intro/chorus lots of distortion x8e[--0x--0---0-0-2x--2---2-2-0x--0---0-0---7-77-5-55------------------|b[--0x--0---0-0-2x--2---2-2-0x--0---0-0---7-77-5-55------------------|g[--0x--0---0-0-2x--2---2-2-0x--0---0-0---7-77-5-55------------------|d[-------------------------------------------------------------------|a[-------------------------------------------------------------------|e[-------------------------------------------------------------------|
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