Misc Unsigned Bands - In The Process - Why Is It When Youre Around tab

           Why is it when you're around - in the process...

this is our sweet song that you won't be able to play until you hear us...which won't be 
we're famous!!!

*capo 6 fret*

here's how we did it   G  F  C  Em
                       3  3  3  3
                       3  3  3  3
                       0  0  0  0
                       0  0  2  2
                       2  0  3  2
                       3  2  x  x

intro: G F C Em

verse 1

    G             F             C                 Em
i never noticed this before, there's something in the air

    G             F               C             Em
the way that you look at me, and the way that i stare

    G              F               C            Em
something i never felt before, maybe this is real

    G            F               C            Em
but whatever it is, i hope it stays for years and years


   G              F                 C                  Em
whenever your near i feel alive, whenever your here i stay

    G             F                  C                Em
something about you caught my eye, i feel that i've changed

    G             F                  C              Em
you took me in when i was down, you were always there

     G            F                  C        Em
not only do you light up my life you light up every room

back to intro

play same thing as verse 1

verse 2

i want to be your everything, who knows how this will end
seems there is no chance at all, after all the time we spend
trapped inside your smile, i'm convinced your the one for me
but nothing really matters, i just wish that you could see

listen to song here for srumming the speed change how to get into the bridge


G              C           F                      Em
why is it when your around i feel, my feet never touch the ground       2x's

Back to chours 2x's


   G             F               C                       G
i never noticed this before, there's something in the air
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