Misc Unsigned Bands - Maybe Friday - All About tab

Maybe Friday  -  All About...     
Music by: All About...
Lyrics by: Ryan Luke

G     Em      Am      D7
Maybe Friday, We will buy
G         Em        Am         D7
A case of beer, and get really high

G         Em          Am         D7
Hell, why not, What’s wrong with chron?
G           Em                Am             D7
We all work hard to party, We party 'til our cash is gone

G     Em           Am          D7
Maybe Friday we’ll drop by the liquor store
G     Em             Am         D7
Maybe Friday we’ll - hop in the pool next door
G     Em           Am              D7
Maybe Friday we’ll plan this all a little more
G         Em              Am   D7
Kas right now it seems so sket-chy

Maybe Friday
Kas there’s never a solid plan
We have supplies 
Let’s see where we can
Em        Am
Use them, and abuse them
D7            G
So we can get trashed

G     Em            Am      D7
Wanna stumble home, at 2 o clock
G            Em        Am           D7
Walking back with, the guy down the block
G       Em      Am             D7
Finally home, I lock the front door
G           Em      Am       D7
Crash on my bed, or even the floor

G                    Em
We’ll just end up in someone’s basement (Basement)
Am                        D7
Kas it’s Friday night and there’s no plan (No plan)
G                      Em
Wonder where all those parties went 
Am                          D7
Maybe if we lived somewhere else man

Fuck my liver
Yes and, fuck my lungs
I just wanna
Yes, I wanna have my fun

Maybe Friday
Kas there’s never a plan
We have supplies 
D7               G
Where can we use them?
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