Misc Unsigned Bands - Belavista Man - Somethin In Your Eyes tab

Tabbed By: Belavista Man
On: 15/09/07
E-mail: anthonybentley@hotmail.co.uk

All the chords in this song are played in a boogie-shuffle. PM me if you don't know what that means.

Intro riff: De|-------------------------------------------|B|-------------------------------------------|G|-------------------------------------------| PlayD|-5-5-5-5br-3---3-5br-3---3-5br-3---3-------|TwiceA|-------------5---------5---------5---3-3-5-|E|-------------------------------------------|
D Well, that’s the wrong way to go If you wanna gain my love You’re going with the flow But, babe, it’s just not enough G And I can see the hurt and anger That lay sleeping in your eyes D There’s something about you darlin’ That I can’t help to despise [Intro riff] Well, it’s a long way to go If you wanna have my respect You’re lying through your teeth But then that’s something I expect I know you think I’m crazy But I’m not that mad for you I can never love you darlin’ Maybe it’s something that you do [Intro Riff/Solo] Oh, that’s the right way to go Just to try and bother me I listen to your whining Whilst you spoil my melody You got that look that I just don’t trust It’s something in your eyes There’s a secret deep within you Beneath that cute disguise [Intro Riff/Outro] END It's easy, but it rocks XD
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