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A Long Winter's Nap
by Glad Hearts
off of "A Year in a Circle"


Hope you enjoy

Tune down a half step

Verse 1

Darkness comes up quicker every night, now
Lest I forget this world is turning
C			       Am
To be a little darker every day takes me further from
The faces and the places and the hands that I hold dear.

Verse 2

In the gold light of September they were waving like the leaves.
But I just turned and drove away.
The day that I left home was the coldest of that year
And that shaking, it has stayed

(finger pick)
C	C	Am	Am	Em	Em	Em	Em

Verse 3

So, I’m praying for some warmth from a lonely cigarette
A kind of light in this great dark
But the filter comes too soon, in this terrible room
I try to sleep away the days

Chorus 1
Am     Em	G   G 		
‘Cause in my dreams my friends all sing to me
A song I know will never end
They sing they’ve not forgotten what we hoped to be
They have not forgotten me; they know I will never forget them.

Am	Em	Em	Em	x2

Verse 4

I called my brother; to say I could not speak
He said, “I know just what you mean.
For every word that you might learn there’s a stone that will inter
Another day gone by without you.”

C	C	Am	Am	Em	Em	Em	Em

Chorus 2
But, in my dreams...

Am	Em	Em	Em	x2
Am	Em
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