Misc Unsigned Bands - Quinne - True Love Waits tab

intro: C-G-Am-F (2x)

one day you said to me
C            G
tomorrow you'll not be mine
Am                     F
       i'll be sad
C         G
oh why oh why oh why
Am               F        
       did she come back
C                   G
       do you still love her ooh
Am                  F

       you say you love me
C                  G
so why you just leave me
why oh why

all of the pain inside
           C        G
will just fade away
just dont put it to your heart
          F              C
and oh.. true love waits
G        Am
         true love waits
(mejo mabilis to huh!!!)
         you are the one who let me sleep
C                    G              Am
you are the one who dried my tears
            F                C
         even tomorrow when you're not mine
              G                        Am
maybe next time i'll be fine


CHORUS II (gAnun diN kAtuLad nUng chOrus I)
so please just stay this time
these are last moments
this mem'ries will stay in my heart
and oh.. true love waits
         true love waits

         three years will not be so fine
Em                        C
         so can i take you back to me.. forever!!!
Em                         C            D

(repeat chorus I and II)

thankz, sana magustuhan nioh compose koh!!!
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