Misc Unsigned Bands - Infinity - Point Of No End tab

Tuning: Drop D (Tool, Killswitch engaged, Lamb of God, Slipknot)
^: Bend string
<->: Palm mute this area
{}: Gently touch strings(finger mute) in this area
*:Hammer on
**:Pull off
_>:Slide to

___Intro____E----------------------------------|B----------------------------------|G----------------------------------|D----------------------------------|A----------------------------------|D----<00-1-00-3-00-1-00>-12-12^----| __________6X_________
(After 6th time, hold 12 bend for a count of 5)
Chorus(Riff 1)_________E----------------------------|B----------------------------|G----------------------------|D----------------------------|A----00---00---00---00-------|D----00-1-00-3-00-1-00-12^---|
]Repeat these two lines 7xE----------------------------|B----------------------------|G----------------------------|D----------------------------|A-00---00---00---00----------|D-00-1-00-3-00-1-00-11_>13---|
(After 7th time, play this riff...)
___Riff 2_____E---------------------------|B---------------------------|G---------------------------|D---------------------------| ]Play this rif 3x, then hold the 12 bend for aA-00000---------------------| count of 5D-00000-17-15-12^-----------|
Well thats all for now but i will soon post the verse to this song.
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