Misc Unsigned Bands - Princess Clemente - Writing Songs tab

			     Writing Songs - Princess Clemente
Tabbed by: Princess
Email: haha_its_princess@yahoo.com

Tuning: EADGBE

1 2 3 4 verse 1: (picked) 1 i met you on a 2 sunny day and 3 little did i know my love would 4 come my way 1 your face it 2 shined so bright and 3 little did i know you'd come to 4 change my life and
strum:e|----3----------3----------3----------3-------------------------------------|B|----3----------3----------3----------3-------------------------------------|G|----0----------2----------0----------0-------------------------------------|D|----0----------0----------0----------2-------------------------------------|A|----2----------0----------2----------3-------------------------------------|E|----3----------0----------0----------0-------------------------------------| 1 2 3 4
chorus: (strummed) 1 how can 2 i tell you i 3 love you? 4 what can i say? and 1 how do 2 i show you i 3 love you 4 more each day? verse 2: (picked) 1 ever since the 2 day we met i 3 knew that our 4 hearts were set 1 ever since our 2 first hello to our 3 last goodbye i knew we're 4 meant for each other and chorus (strummed) bridge: (pick 1234) i'm so in love. i'm so in love. i'm so in love with you. (3x) chorus (strummed) 1 i met you on a 2 sunny day and 3 little did i know my love would 4 come my way
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