Misc Unsigned Bands - The Faceplants - Goodnight tab

Song: Goodnight
Artist: The Faceplants

Drop D (DADGBe)

b - bend
~ - let ring

Intro & Verse (Sam) - electric guitar w/ clean setting

e-|--------------|------------|-----------|-----------|B-|--------------|------------|-----------|-----------|G-|--------------|------------|-----------|-----------| (x6)D-|---11-12-11---|---9-11-9---|---6-7-6---|---7-9-7---|A-|---9--9--9----|---7-7--7---|---4-4-4---|---5-5-5---|E-|--------------|------------|-----------|-----------|
(^the lyrics come in after two repetitions) 1st Verse Lyrics Everything is going swimmingly Now that you are drowning me I look for help, but there's no one there My lungs are filling up but no one cares
Chorus (Kyle) - electric guitar w/ clean tone (those are 12's, not 0's, 1's or 2's)e-|----5-5-5-5---|----4-4-4-4---|--------------------------------------|B-|---7-7-7-7----|---5-5-5-5----|---12121212121212121212121210101010---|G-|--------------|--------------|--------------------------------------|(x2)D-|--------------|--------------|--------------------------------------|A-|--------------|--------------|--------------------------------------|E-|--------------|--------------|--------------------------------------|
(second time, cut out the 10's, and go straight to this)
---9-7----------------|-------10-9-7-9b10----|----------------------|(repeat entire chorus-line)----------------------|----------------------|----------------------|
Chorus Lyrics I won't say goodnight So turn out the light And close your eyes I won't say goodnight You can't turn your wrongs Into rights (2nd Verse is played the same way as the first) 2nd Verse Lyrics How could I be so blind You were with him the entire time I bet you think that I'm a fool I guess I am for believing you (repeat chorus exactly, then...) Bridge (Sam) - slightly more dirty tone, alternate between...
--0-- --0--|--0-- --3--|--2-- and --2--|--2-- --0--|--0-- -----|----- -----|
Bridge Lyrics I want to forgive you, but I can't For what you did, there's no second chance I wish things were the way they used to be It all came down to just you and me (repeat chorus once more, and then play...) Outro (Sam) - slightly more dirty tone (like the bridge)
END. enjoy.
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