Misc Unsigned Bands - Blue Ridge Brothers - Let It Go tab

			     LET IT GO - Blue Ridge Brothers
Tabbed by: ctopherb87
Email: ctopherb87@yahoo.com

Tuning: standard, capo 4th fret

C G I need someone to mend my broken heart C G Because someone has gone and torn it apart C E Now I cant sleep at night C G Cant pretend everythings alright C E Oh just let it go C G Oh youll never know C G C G C G Remember when we held each other tight C G Was it a lie why did it feel so right C E I try to talk to you C G You just shut me out C E Oh just let it go C G Oh youll never know C G C G C G D G D C D G D C G C G I cant stay like this forever C G Im breaking down C G I just want you to be happy C G Please dont you cry C G Oh just let it go C G Oh no you will never ever know
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