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Title: Best Years
Artist: Hannah Obar

     This is GRaduation song..of LOrma High School..
                  Batch: 2006-2007
          Compose nila: Hannah Obar And Jan MArc Talavera

Verse 1:
  D         Bm          Em            G              
Everything changed and for the past years,
  D        Bm       Em        G
I was unsure if Iíll make it through.
 D        Bm
But you were there,
 Em             G
You were there beside me

F#m          G
Through my ups and downs,
 F#m         G
Through smiles and frowns

D    Bm        Em
Once I felt shattered and broken,
Encouraging words you have spoken.
 D       Bm         Em          G
Thanks for putting back the pieces together,
 D       Bm    Em    G
Nowís the time we all gather.
 D       Bm     Em     
Bring to mind all the good times,
Forget the bad times.

Verse 2:
 D       Bm
Its so hard to say goodbye,
 Em         G
I donít want to say goodbye
 D     Bm       Em         G
ĎCause I know youíll always be with me.
D       Bm
In my heart youíll always be,
 Em          G
Donít worry my dear friend
 D          Bm     Em         G
ĎCause I know weíll see each other again.
D     Bm        Em       G
We finally made it, we finally did.
Our wonderful memíries Iíll always cherish,
Our friendship will never perish.

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o Copyright 2007
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