Misc Unsigned Bands - Bobby Blue Bland - Aint No Love In The Heart Of The City tab


Artist: Bobby "Blue" Bland
Title: Ain't No Love In the Heart of the City


Gtr I|-5---------------5-----5----------------------||-5---------------6-----5----------------------||-5---------------7-----5----------------------||-7---------------7-----7----------------------||-7---------------5-----7-------------3--------||-5---------------------5-------0h3/5---5p3--5-|
Gtr II (x2)|-8---8---8------11-11--8---8---8--------------||-10--10--10-----10-----10--10--10-------------||-9---9---9------10-----9---9---9--------------||-7---7---7------12-----7---7---7--------------||----------------------------------------------||----------------------------------------------|
Am Dm Am Ain't no love in the heart of the city, F G Am Ain't no love in the heart of town. Am Dm Am Ain't no love, and it sure 'nuff a pity, F Dm Am Ain't no love 'cos you ain't around. Am C When you were mine F Oh, I was feelin' so good G Cause your love lit up Am This whole neighborhood C But now that you're gone F Y'know the sun don't shine, G From the city hall F C To the county line, that's why I said Chorus Every place that I go, Oh, it seems so strange. Without you there Things have changed When night time comes There's a blanket of gloom Another chick I found In my lonely room Chorus
Am C F|---------------------------------------------------||------------------------------17-15------17-15-----||--------14-14---14-16-17-17---------17---------17--||--14-17--------------------------------------------||---------------------------------------------------||---------------------------------------------------|
G Am|-----8-10p8------------8-8---------------------------8------10-8h10-12--||--10--------10--10p8-------10-8----10---10--8---8h10---8h10-------------||---------------------9-----------9----9-------9-------------------------||------------------------------------------------------------------------||------------------------------------------------------------------------||------------------------------------------------------------------------|
Am C But now that you're gone F Y'know the sun don't shine, G From the city hall F C To the county line, I said Chorus (x2)
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