Misc Unsigned Bands - Orangeforest - In The Fallout tab

Verse 1 pluck strings with fingers in this order:A,B,DX4 for chords Am C then when you 
F play D,B,GX4 remember to do this fast! faster the better!

Verse 1
Am C F C X2    When all falls....

Verse 2 Dont pluck just use thumb and play(quick note: Switch betweenV1&V2 3 times)
Am, C, F, C X2  Now were in the fallout....

Ending Versesry spacing a bit dont remeber the chord that this isE--------|B--------|G-1------|D-2------|A-2------|E--------| well il reffer to it as 76b alright?
SO verse three is this, (strummed) Am,G,Am,76B,Am,G,Am,76B, (slower) Am, C, F, C(ring out) So yhea thats it... sorry if it stinks lol, first time tabbig x) GOD BLESS!!
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