Misc Unsigned Bands - Audomatik - Dont Fly Over Smokie Waters tab

SORRY, NO TIME TO LABEL STRING NAMES...Bass:1I---0--0--0---1--0--0-0---0--2--3-0.............-1-2-1-0................-0-----|I2I----------------------------------------5----------------------7--------2-----|I
Guitar One Plays on the 5th Fret of The Low E String Guitar Two Plays on the 7th Fret of Low E String constantly untile the singer snaps three times.The Bass Players PLays the Rhythm From "Brain Stew/Jaded" By Green Day(Exept VEEEEERY Quiitly on the highest BAss and then once the SInger snaps, if the bass player is in the middle of the Guitar 1 Plays a Muted note very fast on the High E String until the bass player stops & Guiatr Two Hums the Riff from Smoke on the Water and keeps playing a note on theHigh E using a Wammy Bar Effect With the String on the Tuning Head, they complete it and then stop once the singer get's done singing the following phase, the band repeats theABove.) Vocal(Solo): smoke,smoke,smoke,smoke,smoke,smoke(then Guitars join bass player(louder than others)smoke,smoke,smoke,smoke,smoke,smoke,smoke,smoke,SMOoOoOoOoOoOKE... (GuitarTwo Whole Time PLaying on the third fret of the High E String for whole notes) Vocals:Smoooooooooooke on the Water(smoke,smoke,smoke)FiRe..IN THE SKY.!... Repeat Top Guiatar Part after SInger Snaps three times. except without final (inaccurate) chord.
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