Misc Unsigned Bands - Writen By Noob - Easy 1 tab

P.M.-------------------------|E -----------------------------------------|B -----------------------------------------|G -----------------10-10-8------10b11------|D -----------------------------------------|A ----10-10-8------------------------------|E 8-11--------11-8---------11-8------------|
E --------------------------------------------------------|B --------------------------------------------------------|G ---------------10-10-8-8------10b12---------------------|D --------------------------------------------------------|A ----8-8-10----------------------------------------------|E 8-11------11-8------------11-8------8-11-8-11b12-11-8---|
It has to sound like this: http://media.putfile.com/Van-ik-D Hello This is one of my first numbers that I've writen. It's not that special but I enjoy writing it. I'm a noob... I play +/- 1 year guitar. Comments please :D P.M. = Palm Mute b = Bend
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