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“With You” by Mark Willard ("Facing the Giants" soundtrack)

Intro: F-Am-Bb9 x2

Verse 1:
F            Am             Bb9
  You have been so good to me
F             Am                Bb9
  How can I find the words to thank You?
Healer of broken hearts and broken dreams
Lord, I will never cease to praise You.

      F         C              Gm         Bb
With You, all things are possible. Like an eagle I can
  F          C              Gm       Bb
soar. With You the giants fall; they rise no
    F        C         Gm        Bb
more. With You I overcome when fear and faith
    F              C         Gm        (Gm)
collide. There’s nothing I can’t do
Anything is possible with
F       Am      Bb9

	Verse 2:
I am constantly amazed
You are a God forever faithful.
As I look back on my history of grace,
how could I be anything but grateful?


	Verse 3:
No mountain is too high, there’s no valley that’s too deep
You’re calling me to walk by faith so I will take a
Leap...take a

	Chorus x2

(F-Am-Bb9 rest of song)

Anything, anything is possible with You
With You
It’s possible with You.

-This transcription dedicated to Central Minnesota TEC #472-
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