Misc Unsigned Bands - Mac Mcclintock - Big Rock Candy Mountains tab

D                                        A7                      D 
On a summer's day in the month of May, a burly little bum come a-hiking,
                                     A7              D
Travelling down that lonesome road a-looking for his liking.
       A7                         D           A7                D
He was headed for a land that was far away, beside them crystal fountains
                                          A7             D
'I'll see you all this coming fall in the Big Rock Candy Mountains.'

                                    G                 D
In the Big Rock Candy Mountains you never change your socks,
    G                 D             (G)                  A7     <--the (G) here is optional
And little streams of alcohol come a-trickling down the rocks.
    D                              G                  D
The box cars all are empty and the railroad bulls are blind,
          G         D      G       D
There's a lake of stew and whisky, too, 
        G            D              G     D
You can paddle all around them in a big canoe
       A7             D
In the Big Rock Candy Mountains.

A7       D             
O the buzzing of the bees in the cigarette trees
          G          D
Round the soda-water fountains,
          A7                           D
Where the lemonade springs and the bluebird sings
       A7             D
In the Big Rock Candy Mountains.

In the Big Rock Candy Mountains, there's a land that's fair and bright,
Where the hand-outs grow on bushes and you sleep out every night,
Where the box cars all are empty, and the sun shines every day,
O I'm bound to go, where there ain't no snow,
Where the rain don't fall and the wind don't blow
In the Big Rock Candy Mountains.


In the Big Rock Candy Mountains the jails are made of tin,
And you can bust right out again as soon as they put you in;
The farmer's trees are full of fruit, the barns are full of hay,
I'm going to stay where you sleep all day,
Where they boiled in oil the inventor of toil
In the Big Rock Candy Mountains

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