Misc Unsigned Bands - Bandsblack And White - Superman Can Fly tab

Title; superman can fly
Artist; I donít know
Tab by; turzk10-civ07 wooooooohhhh!!!!!!!

Standard tuning lang pho. . . .  .
This is a great song so enjoy. . . . .
Dedicated to princess shen and emz. . . . .

Paulit ulit lang pho e2. . . .try nyo nalang kapain ung sa bridge d q pa kac tapos 
. . . .

A E/A F#m De------------------------------|B------------------------------|G-------------7--7-------------|D----7---7----4--7-------------|A----7---7----4--5-------------|E----5---4----2----------------|
Awaken by the sound of light And back to this world again Relax of steps of my dreams And back to this world again Existence calls Reveals my falls Do im back to this world again The year I come unveil my eyes Do im back to this world again Remembers steps and fantasies Of superman can fly I wish I could explain why Why superman can fly Coz now I rise im calling now Even superman can fly Why cant I dream of soaring high Even superman can fly yeah yeah Even superman can fly yeah. . . Know im just dreaming But who can never say this dreams they wont come true Coz I believe. . . . Repeat existence calls
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