Misc Your Songs - Ryan Casey - Girl That Cried tab

                                Girl That Cried
                                   Ryan Casey

Title: “Girl That Cried”
Artist: Ryan Casey
Style: rock/pop/acoustic
Influence: The Beatles – “Ticket To Ride,” “Another Girl,” & “I Need You” 

Chords ~	
G	D	Dsus2	Cmaj7
\\\\	\\\\	\\\\	\\\\

             G                    D                     
Please girl, dry your tears on my shoulder
Don’t cry anymore
It makes me cry when I see you much worse than me

You know that I can’t survive without you
You know that I love you
You know that I need to see you
You know that I can’t survive without you
…and sometimes life goes on

Verse 2: (chords same as 1st verse)
You’re just a girl that cried on my shoulder
I remember it so clear
Please girl, don’t cry those tears anymore

Sadder days may come
Sadder days are here to stay
I’ll be sure to still love you
Even when the world hurts like you, like you
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