Misc Your Songs - Tdavis - Cloudy Day tab

Song Title: Cloudy Day
Writer: T.Davis

    This is more of a sad or depressing song for that type of person. Just a very short 
for sad times or just to sharpen your playing skills.

|--1--| |----2----------|E|----0-------------0-------------0----------8-7-5--8-7-5------------------|B|--0---7-8-7-8---0---7-8-7-8---0---7-8-7-8-----------------8-7-5----------|G|-------------------------------------------------------------------------|D|-------------------------------------------------------------------------|A|------------------------------------------------------------------7------|E|-------------------------------------------------------------------------|
Where the ( |--1--| ) is play that the first time then repeat but this time skip the and go strait to the ( |---2---| ). Thanks, any questoins? Just PM Guitar Freak 86! ( me ) None of the work shown above may be copied to be sold or take credit for by law. It is only be used for educational or practicing purposes.
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