Misc Your Songs - Krazy6446 - World Of Imaginary tab

			     World of Imaginary - Krazy6446
Tabbed by: Krazy6446
Email: kristojoh@live.no

Tuning: EADGHE

Krazy6446 - World of Imaginary


D C G F Am C E C E


D             C
I wanna break free

Its all that I need


D            C
Im tired of living

Behind these bars

   Em   A
Of Imaginary


D              C
What cant you see

What cant you get

Am                    F
What the hell is so hard

          C            E
In this world of Imaginary

C             E
World of Imaginary


D                 C
Youre trying to fool me

Yes I have noticed

Over and over

D               C
Just shove me away

I dont really care

   Em      A 
Im getting stronger


You made me blindfolded
You made my life dark

Youre so evil-minded
How do you manage
To stay alive


 D                C
Now, Im finally free
I made a song
Like this


(Last bit of the verse has no
 text, just play it like
 the normal)
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