Misc Your Songs – Not Sure tab

Lindsey Anderson and CJ Madden

Okay, I actually wrote the tabs to this song, Lindsey wrote all the lyrics, and I have to 
say that she has potential to me a great, I repeat, GREAT musician if she sets her heart
on it. so here it is

Main Riff.e--------------------------------------------------------B--------------------------------------------------------G--------------------------2-0---------------------------D---3-3-----3-3---0-3-3--------3-3-----3-3-3--3-3---0-3-3A-3-----3-3-----3-------3-3--------3-3-------3----3------E--------------------------------------------------------
Main Refraine---------------------------------------------------B-1-1-1-----------------------------1-1-1-----------G-------3-2-0-2-0---------0-2-0-----------3-2-0-2-0-D-----------------3-0-3-3-------3-3-----------------A---------------------------------------------------E---------------------------------------------------
Repeat that throughout the song until you reach the final refrain at which you play this.......:e-------------------------------------------------------B-1-1-1-----------------------------1-1-1-1-3-----------G-------3-2-0-2-0---------0-2-0---------------2-0-------D-----------------3-0-3-3-------3-3---------------3-3-0-A-------------------------------------------------------E-------------------------------------------------------
e-------------------------------------------------B-------------1(hold)-----------------------------G-------2-3-2---------(slide slowly down the notes)D-3-3-3--------------------------------------------A--------------------------------------------------E--------------------------------------------------
That is all there is right now for the tabs, I have yet to come up with the chords, but here are the lyrics.......: Verse 1 I wake up Eleven thirty, Shower fast and get in my car. The snow-filled streets Are void of traffic. Once again, I'm all alone. Verse 2 Day is over, I come home. You're the only thing on my mind. Brush my hair Turn on the heater. Cry to myself and fall asleep. Refrain Well, I'm not sure Just where I'm headed; With this life I call my own. Searching hard To find some answers, All I found is my love for you............................. Verse 3 Tomorrow's here, I wake up freezing Put on your sweatshirt and think of you. Look in the mirror, My pale reflection Struggles to smile, for you my love. Verse 4 You pick me up Drive to the clinic. Hold my hands in the waiting room. The docor says This medication Is going to make things look up soon. Refrain.. That's it, I love you Lindsey....................
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