Misc Your Songs – Robin Mary - Let Me Hold You Hand tab

Mary Robin
HI Everybody!!
I wrote this, so if you know me. maybe I'll play out the rythm for you!!!

E E E E Esus4 Esus4 Esus4 Esus4

Your wavy hair
      Esus4    E
Those big blue eyes
            D                 A                   E Esus4 E
The way you hold up when your world is compromised
Your lovely face
     Esus4     E
Your great big heart
             D                 A                  E Esus4 E
Your life is crazy now but I'm glad I have a part

E                    Esus4
And I'll use my only instruments to write you down this song
E                       Esus4                            E
And I hope it tells you how I feel cuz I've wanted to so long
                               Esus4                         E
Though the words dont come out properly I hope you'll understand
                       Esus4                              E Esus4 E
That you'll see me for who I am and let me hold your hand

The waves crash down
  Esus$   E
I nearly drown
            D          A             E Esus4 E
Then I wake up with my feet on solid ground
You're next to me
    Esus4    E
Innocent and sweet
            D        A                  E Esus4 E
My life was fine but now it is complete


(repeats the same)

E Esus4 C# C# C# E Esus4 E
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