Misc Your Songs – Travis Labarre - Why Doesnt She Like Me tab

This is a relatively easy song...take it from me...I'm the one who wrote it...it
is basically Four chords except for the solo...These are the chords for main part
and the plucking is done by guitar two as you will hear when me and Tony play
it...have fun it's a cool song:

D   Dm      Fmaj7 / C 
Why Doesn't She Like Me? (2x's)

D   Dm      Fmaj7   C
We  used to be so   happy...

    D   Dm      Fmaj7 / C 
So, Why Doesn't She Like Me...

Those are the way the chords are now here are the rest of the lyrics...I not done
with the song yet so deal with them...

I wonder what ever happened to me,
and why she doesn't like me...
This isn't the way it used to be,
And now she doesn't like me...

Maybe I've gone to damn far,
like the time I totalled her new car.
Or how about the time she told me she loved me,
I shouldnt've went and told her She/was ugly...


Why can't she take a joke of two...
At least I didn't go and say "the f*ck with you!"
Now we're on our own with nothing to do...
I lay in bed all alone with nothing to screw!

Em C A Am (Heavy distorion while Guitar Two can take a breather)

Then it goes back to two bars of D Dm Fmaj7 and C then back up to D for one strum
(Let ring)

That's it for now. If you have any questions or comments that means you are
mentally challenged...It doesn't get any easier that that^.
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