Misc Your Songs – Murphy Dan - Take Me Away tab

			     Take Me Away - Dan Murphy
This is a "Misc Your Song". It's a song I wrote, thanks.
Tabbed by: Dan Murphy
Email: levibowling@earthlink.net
*Note: Original Song -- Pretty simple song to play. I like to play it on my
acoustic. I use a capo on the Second Fret, but it is not needed. Also, this is
my first attempt at tabbing anything. If I get positive feedback, I'll tab some
of my other songs. Emails are welcome. Comments, Questions, Compliments and
Constructive Critisim are all welcome.

Tuning: Half Step Down

Verse: Obviously the D and U's are Down/Up's. For the two group of 0's play them down/up without hesitation. The others have a half a second pause.Repeat Verse 8 times. The whole sequence serves one line of the song.eb|---------------------------------------------------------------------------|Bb|---------------------------------------------------------------------------|Gb|---------------------------------------------------------------------------|Db|--2-2-00-----0-0-00--0-0-0-0-0---------------------------------------------|Ab|--3-3-00-----0-0-00--2-2-2-0-2---------------------------------------------|Eb|--3-3-00-----1-1-00--3-3-3-0-2---------------------------------------------| D D DU D D DU D D D U D I sit all alone in my room
Chorus: Basic strum pattern here. The E in the beginning is just two down thenthe C strums for a bit until the next away. Then the same from the G to the D. On the second part "I don’t want to be here anymore" The last chord is the onlything that changes. From a D to an A.eb|---------------------------------------------------------------------------|Bb|---------------------------------------------------------------------------|Gb|----------5----------------------------7-----------------------------------|Db|--2----2--5-------------5--------------7-----------------------------------|Ab|--2----2--3-------------5--------------5-----------------------------------|Eb|--0----0----------------3--------------------------------------------------| Take me away, Take me away from this place E C G A I don’t want to be here any-more
Outro: Same as verse, but different lyrics. Play the whole sequence for the"take me away" then again for "away".eb|---------------------------------------------------------------------------|Bb|---------------------------------------------------------------------------|Gb|---------------------------------------------------------------------------|Db|--2-2-00-----0-0-00--0-0-0-0-0---------------------------------------------|Ab|--3-3-00-----0-0-00--2-2-2-0-2---------------------------------------------|Eb|--3-3-00-----1-1-00--3-3-3-0-2---------------------------------------------| D D DU D D DU D D D U D
| / slide up | \ slide down | h hammer-on | p pull-off | ~ vibrato | + harmonic | x Mute note =============================================================================== VERSE1 CHORUS VERSE2 CHORUS VERSE3 CHORUS OUTRO Lyrics: Verse 1: I sit all alone in my room Thinking of the times that pass me by I look out the window and I see you there But then I crawl back to my bed I sit there shaking in fear Of what they’ll do next to me I think I wanna run-run-away Far away from your lies Chorus: Take me away from this place I don’t want to be here anymore Take me away from this world I don’t want to be here anymore Take me away forever I don't want to be here anymore Verse 2: I lie down trying to sleep But I cant I've lost all hope I'm trying to get through these hard times But no one seems to care that I looked for you I lie down once again thinking of you I'm crashing down thinking of you But you are not here Verse 3: I grab my shoes and my coat look at you and say goodbye I look back and think what I've done then I remember I'm unwanted in this place I have to go, I have to leave I'll miss this world I used to have But none there remembers me Outro: Take me away away
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