Misc Your Songs - Jitz - Edna tab

If you have never heard of this artist don't panic because i just made this tab
myself. This song is based on a beauty of a lady i met but never got the chance
to speak to. I met her in a camp but she was in another group. This song just
bloomed out of me as i though of her. Enjoy.

    D                    A
F(bar) G(bar)E----------------------------------------------------------------B----------------------------------------------------------------G----------------------------------------------------------------D-----3-2-3-----------5-4-5--------------------------------------A---3-------3-------5-------3*------------(just keep on repeating)E-1---------------3----------------------------------------------
*NOTE = This three is fused with the three from the start so don't repeat the first three after the first time you play Thats about it if you have comments or critisism they are warmly welcome at sng_jit@hotmail.com
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