Misc Your Songs - Ogle Jay - The End tab

Jay Ogle is a guitarist that plays in an instrumental band
he is 14 and he is what you hould call a prodigy
any problems with this tab im me or email me at Mrman918@aol.com

|-333333-333333-333333-333333333333-||-111111-111111-111111-111000111000-||-222222-000000-222222-000000000000-| Repeat twice|-333333-222222-333333-000000000000-||-000000-333333-000000-222222222222-||-000000-000000-000000-333333333333-|
|---3-------3-------3----||----1-------1-------1---||-----2------------------||-3----3------2----------|Its best to use your finger for this not a pick|---------3----3------2--||-----------------3----3-|
|-3-3-3-||-1-1-1-||-2-0-0-||-3-2-0-|Do this probably 8 times|-0-0-2-||-0-0-3-|
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